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Three Point Shot: Still winless at Kent, are we a different team?

Winning here would have been huge, losing could have been acceptable, but I don't know what to make of UB's game at Kent tonight. It was of no help that the MAC's stream was dead so I ended up listening on the radio.

Duing an insane second half each team too turns running out in front of the other before falling apart, as it turns out Kent's last run was enough to put UB out of the game for good. The Bulls have still never won at Kent and threw away a golden chance to secure their position in the quest for a double bye into the MAC semifinals.

I'd like to call the game refball but I could not see the fouls and I've been told by fans watching the game they looked like good calls.

UB is still tied with Kent, and I think would win a tie breaker because of UB's win over Akron (UB and Kent split the season). The Bulls are well positioned with 3 more conference home games and just one road trip to Akron.

The important thing is to get back up in time for our next five games, including the bracket buster. UB Has, for some time, had a habit of falling apart a bit during the second half of conference play. This year, with the new format, needs to be different

Point one) No word on the extent of Mitchell Watts injury, if any, is out yet but if he misses any real time you can kiss the two seed goodbye.

Watt took an awful hit late in the game and despite playing it off looked a bit shaky.

Point two) Better free throw shooting today but some late misses kept us from coming back again.

Against a snake bitten WMU team you can leave points on the floor and maybe win the game.

Point three) Reggie's love of timeouts has to stop.

He has to stop hoarding them, period. When Kent is on a 18-4 run you don't wait for a media timeout. This has been a persistent feature of Reggie Ball. Often he makes great adjustments, but waits about six points too long into a run to implement them .