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UB heads to Kent for a season defining game.

The MAC standings, as they matter! Wins, Losses, and home games left! via <a href="">Falcon Blog</a>
The MAC standings, as they matter! Wins, Losses, and home games left! via Falcon Blog

With a heart pounding win against Western Michigan Buffalo, for the first time swept through the west. Where the Bulls almost always trip away one or two games against the weaker division this year they won out, albeit the won the last two with a couple of close games that could have or should have been losses.

Something else the Bulls have never done? beat Kent State on the road. If there was ever a time where they needed to do it then this is that time.

The new Mid American Conference format give two teams a huge advantage over the rest of the pack. Right now UB is in line for the second spot.

But the east is tight and is conceivable that the Bulls can drop one or two more games. This next game is not one UB can afford to drop!

Beating Kent would give UB a two game lead over Ohio and Kent, and after Kent UB has just one more road conference game.

Kent is very, very difficult to beat on their home floor. As a team the flashes are batting close to 90% at home over the past 9 seasons in MAC conference games. It's a floor where UB has never won and seldom even been competitive on.

The Flashes are one of the most mature teams in the nation. They have more upper classmen than 90% of the nation . Their marquee player, Justin Greene, who is scoring 13.5 points per game and 6.4 rebounds on 51% shooting.

They have four players currently over ten points per game and nine players putting in more than ten minutes per game.

There is not a tougher game on UB's remaining schedule than Kent. But if this game falls in line there will be that much less pressure on the Bulls until the MAC Championship.