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Talking Bull: Wisconsin now under a Penn State sized microscope

The Badgers may find out first hand what Penn State fans felt like:

More Allegations Raised Against John Chadima, Former Wisconsin Official -
The University of Wisconsin has released an incident report regarding the resignation of former Associate Athletic Director John Chadima, alleging sexual assault of a student employee.

This had the potential to do similar things at Wisconsin that the Sandusky incident did at PSU. To the credit of the Badgers leadership they seem to have quickly acted. So long as nothing comes out indicating that they knew that this was going on they should be fine.

If, however, it turns out someone had a reason to know and kept their mouth shut it could get very ugly, very fast. But as Adam Hodge from SBNation's Bubky's 5th Quarter points out "Clearly, the Penn State scandal had an impact on how this incident was handled by the University of Wisconsin".

West Virginia entry to the big 12 is now true to a degree worthy of a web page

PHOTO: Big 12 Website Welcomes West Virginia - From Our Editors -
This time, we're assuming it's for real. Late Thursday night, a switch was flipped and the Big 12 website welcomed West Virginia to the conference. Considering the timing, this had to be a mistake, but we'll probably find out more on Friday.

The settlement getting them out of the Big East will reportedly cost the eer's 11 Million and cost the Big12 9 million.

Hope the math geeks are right

SBNations own math club got together and tried to create an objective stat for returning players, its a good read

What Can Returning Starter Data Predict About Season Momentum? -
It is one thing to understand that the number of starters a team returns from the previous year is particularly good or bad. It is another thing to look into when particularly experienced or inexperienced teams might be at their best or worst.

UB is returning between 16-19 starters depending on which weeks depth chart you look at. Temple and Toledo are in trouble.

Conference USA could lose the liberty Bowl

What U of M to the Big East means for the Liberty Bowl game - The Memphis Edge
It's no secret that SEC commissioner Mike Slive hasn't been a fan of the Liberty Bowl's deal that has the SEC playing the champion of a non-BCS league. In the most recent Liberty Bowl game, a clause in the bowl's contract allowed it to match Big East co-champion Cincinnati vs. Vanderbilt.

This, along with rumors about discussions about the future of UAB football continue to make Conference USA look like they are in serious trouble.

Now at Bat...

Bulls To Begin 2012 Season Down In Jacksonville - Buffalo Athletics
The University at Buffalo softball team will begin its 2012 season this weekend as it heads down south for the Jacksonville Invitational. The Bulls will begin play on Friday morning against St. Louis.

If you want to see a full schedule you can go to UB athletics or the fan blog BuffaloBullsSoftball.

Newton is back with the Colts Mike Newton Profile
The Indianapolis Colts signed safety Mike Newton and defensive end Justin Hickman.

Mike Newton had been with the Indianapolis Colts for a year before missing last season after being put on IR and then waived with a settlement. Now he is back in time to compete for a job.

Great read at the Spectrum

Hey UB! Wake Up! - Opinion - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
This Saturday at 6 p.m. True Blue is attempting to break the student attendance record when the Bulls face off against Western Michigan in search of their eighth straight victory. "Sixth Man" T-shirts will be passed out to the first 1,500 UB students through the doors, and I can't think of a better message that could be sent.

The Western Michigan game is the second part of a doubleheader. The Ladies tip off against CMU in the earlier game.