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UB's 2013 Football Schedule

UB's 2013 Football Schedule

Team Location 2012 REC Bowl
Ohio State Columbus 12-0 Banned
Baylor Waco 7-5 Holiday
Stony Brook Amherst 10-3 2nd round
Connecticut Amherst 5-7
Bowling Green Amherst 8-4 Military
Ohio Amherst 8-4 Independence
UMass Amherst 1-11
EMU Amherst 2-10
Kent Kent 10-2 GODaddy
Miami Oxford 4-8
WMU Kalamazoo 4-8
Toledo Toledo 9-3 Potato Bowl

Editorial note: These games are *NOT* listed in order. The conference has told us who we are playing, and where we are playing them. The MAC has not yet told us when these games are happening.

By MAC standards this schedule is positively merciful. Missing out on Ball State and NIU surprised me since the conference has had a habit of giving UB the presumptive number one and two teams.

Buffalo suits up against five teams that will play in 2012 bowls, plus Ohio State who might be playing for the National Championship if not for their ban. We also play Stony Brook who made it past Villinova and very nearly upended Montana in the FCS playoffs.

On the flip side we have UMass who is still building, WMU Who has a new coach, Miami who is losing one of the greatest coaching in MAC history, UConn who always seems just out of reach, and EMU who is.... well... EMU!