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Bull Run Blog Poll Draft Ballot : Georgia, You did me wrong!

Oh how close Georgia came to being the first SEC team I like.

Brett Deering

Once again I am going to have to suffer through watching Alabama because someone else in the SEC just could not get the job done.

Scratch that, last year LSU did get the job done, then the voters jobbed the fans by setting up a rematch. Wonder if Kirk weighed in on that.

Anyway here is my Ballot.

Before any of you accuse me of being biased towards the MAC let me start by saying I hate Ball State *almost* as much as I have the SEC. If I was going to use a MAC bias to include anyone it would have been Toledo.

I dropped OSU because with the postseason here the Buckeye's don't exist to me. They are in the NCAA's time out corner and shall remain there until the last down of football is played this year.

Baylor benefit from my flight of fancy.