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99 for 99 Instant Classic: The Extension

Recruiting Mirage? Rookie AD Mistake? Hypnotic Staff form Aladdin's of Jafar? or Belief that Quinn will take us to the promised land?

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

The 99 for 99 Instant Classic immortalizes the best moments of the season and lets you, the reader, decide the best moment of the season.

November 21, 2012 - Buffalo signs extension making Jeff Quinn the coach until 2017.

Buffalo was in the midst of a three-game winning streak, but over 3 teams with losing records. Most Buffalo fans were reserving judgement of Quinn until after the Bowling Green game. The #2 team in the MAC East would be a good test as to how far the team had come in 2012.

Tucked into the end of the thanksgiving work week news cycle, Wednesday morning, UB fans awoke to find Quinn had received an extension. This was a shocking indictment of our program: 9 wins in 36 tries was considered admirable, not unacceptable by the UB administration.

As details have not been released, a few theories exist:

1) Marketing/Recruiting Mirage: Danny White offers the extension to ease the perception of Quinn's hot seat to the public and to recruits. The buyout clause stays the same or is removed, so basically the extension is more of a "team option" than a true extension.

2) Rookie AD Mistake: Danny White, overcome with the emotion of the three-game winning streak, offered Quinn a bad contract and now his career will rest on the performance of coach Quinn.

3) Hypnotic Staff from Aladdin's Jafar: Jeff Quinn uses the staff in contract negotiations and one-on-one situations, therefore it cannot be used against the media, or the opposing team.

4) Belief: The administration is sold that with time, Quinn will build a winning program at Buffalo. Maybe a long term commitment now will keep Quinn in Buffalo once he does become a major coaching prospect.

The extension eclipsed the season finale, and the play of the Bulls did nothing to distract from the contract. The Bulls were dominated by more than the 21-7 final score shows.