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Talking Bull: The inevitable demise of the Big East

Talking Bull: The inevitable demise of the Big East

Had the Big East invited Boise in 2008 everybody would have won..
Had the Big East invited Boise in 2008 everybody would have won..
Otto Kitsinger III

Gotta respect a former commissioner who falls on the sowrd of another former commissioner.

Former Big East commissioner says Big East defections were inevitable - ESPN
Tranghese, who was the league's commissioner from 1990-2009, said Saturday's official announcement that DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, St. John's, Seton Hall and Villanova were leaving the conference to pursue a new basketball framework was inevitable.

The major point that Tranghese makes is that the Big East was too weak in football and that let them just get poached. The ironic thing was that on his watch, which ended in 2009, he could have invited TCU and Boise football only, tied them to buyouts, and maybe *MAYBE* improved their television prospects.

Instead they Big East raised it's nose at the quaint BCS Busting mid majors until the ACC had placed a noose around their neck.

Speaking of Boise....

The conference realignment key: Boise State, at a crossroads -
In 2006, when the BCS entered its second phase to include five bowls and increase their accessibility by non-automatic qualifying conference members, there were six AQ conferences (plus Notre Dame) consisting of 66 teams. By 2014, if nothing else changes, there will be five AQ conferences (plus Notre Dame) consisting of 65 teams.

But if you have to go out, might as well go out with cake

Spilly says goodbye to the Big East -
So who loses out on this? UConn, Cincinnati, and South Florida are left trying to clean up the flaming wreckage of the derpiest BCS Conference in the land. Let's help them with a holiday gift, shall we? How about a fruitcake?

Spencer Hall thinks he can fix the NFL's mediocre playoff team problem

Quite frankly I think he's on to something.

The NFL playoffs, if there was a bowl system -
In order to protect the shield, we must prevent the horror that has enveloped the NFL's postseason and damaged the brand: mediocre teams getting to the NFL brand's crown jewel, the Super Bowl. Fortunately, there is already a solution to the plague of 9-7 teams -- mostly the New York Giants -- defacing the shield with their mediocrity. The shield: it must be defended.*

WMU finally replaces cubit

P.J. Fleck Expected To Be Western Michigan's Head Coach - Hustle Belt
When he is announced, P.J. Fleck will become the new youngest head coach in the FBS, beating Matt Campbell by 11 months. Fleck turned 32 in November. Do you feel old yet?

Hmmm... Young, knows the conference, has some NFL coaching experience in Florida. This could be a very good hire.

Lewandowski is UB's only highlight on the mat

Bulls Lose 39-3 in Takedown Cancer Dual - Buffalo Athletics
Lewandowski, who came into the night ranked in the low 20s at his class by most media outlets, was a slight underdog in his match against Iowa's Nick Moore. The senior started with a takedown in the final minute of the first period and rode Moore out. He scored another takedown in the second period and led 4-2 going into the final two minutes of the match. He made a quick escape, then took Moore down and earned a riding time point for the 8-3 win.

His three points are the only that UB would score. On the plus side a nice wad of cash was raised for cancer research.