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A Century of Bull: 1895

A Century of Bull: 1895

The 1894 Team, UB LIbraries has no team picture of the 1895 Squad
The 1894 Team, UB LIbraries has no team picture of the 1895 Squad

After operating as a club in 1895 the the students of the University of Buffalo this afternoon formed an athletic association in order to field teams in football, baseball and other outdoor sporting programs. For the schools first official venue they would share Olympic park with other area clubs.

The big change in the culture happened when the University's faculty arranged their class schedules so as to give the students one afternoon a week for exercises.

Team Game Result
Lancaster Football Club Game 1 L: 40 - 6
Game 2 L: 30 - 0
Rochester University Game 1 L: 18-4
Game 2 T: 6-6
"High School Stars" Game 1 ?
Game 2 ?
Batavia College Game 1 W

With approval from the University the Buffalo football club scheduled two games against the Lancasters, two against the Buffalo High School all stars, two against Rochester University, and one each against Batavia and Bradford.

When 1894 was over the Lancasters were widely considered the best team in upstate New York. They rolled everyone on their schedule, including Buffalo. UB lost their matches 40 to 6, and 30 to 0.

The Game

The biggest drama in 1895 came against Rochester University.

During the first game of the season, when Buffalo first hosted Rochester, they fell by the score of 18-4. Later that year UB took a trip to Rochester to even things out bad officiating caused a scuffle between players near the end of the game. Tempers flared on both sides because of several key bad calls made by the officials

Buffalo undoubtedly had the right end of this argument, but if you are a partisan of the U. of R. you can match pennies with yourself to decide whether the local eleven was beaten or whether the game was a tie. Referee Masser said after the storm that he "supposed the game had better be called tie" -- Buffalo Morning Express November 23rd 1895

After a scoreless first half, in which Rochester was the victim of a close call, Johnson of Buffalo sprinted around the right end and carried It more than half the length of the field for the touchdown. UB hit the Try Goal and took a six nothing lead.

Late in the game Coventry of Rochester got around the right end for a gain of about 80 yards. Buffalo brought him down close to the goal line. Unfortunately for Rochester there was an off sides call which, in those days, turned the ball over to the other team.

As the sun set and the linesman called the game. But just as he did, and the Buffalo players unset a Rochester back dashed around the end for a score. A linesman from Rochester, and Buffalo each had different opinions. Masser gave the call to the Rochester team and with a try goal U. of R. tied the game on the last play.

The Depth chart for a different game was printed in the Buffalo Morning Express, from that and various accounts of other games the Buffalo depth chart for 1895 can be mostly reconstructed.

News Print (University of Buffalo vs Buffalo All Stars)
Player Pos
. Buffalodepthchart1896_medium
Farr LE
? LT
Jones LG
Woolston C
Donahue RG
? RT
Ailes RE
Cowper QB
Keal RHB
Johnson - or Laborn LHB
Comfort FB