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Talking Bull: On Conferences and Budgets

Talking Bull: On Conferences and Budgets

Mike Ehrmann

So just what does a mid major have to over come when the finally make a BCS bowl? Matt Sussman from Hustle belt shows you graphically the money difference between Florida State and Northern Illinois.

2013 Orange Bowl: NIU vs. Florida State, The Moneyball Matchup - Hustle Belt
This would explain why both NIU head coach Dave Doeren left for North Carolina State — to coach a team with more money at their disposal. Likewise, Florida State also lost a key person on their staff: defensive coordinator Mark Stoops, who will coach at Kentucky next season. And wouldn't you know it: Stoops' contract was almost one-third more than Doeren's.

Florida State has four times the budget of NIU!

Speaking of Big Budgets how about the Big East travel budget!

2013 Big East football schedule, ranked by each team's road trip mileage -
As the Big East now spans a vast portion of a large continent, it's time to look at how many miles each fan base would have to travel in order to see all four of its team's Big East road games live. The shortest trip: from South Florida to Central Florida is a scant 84 miles. The longest: Rutgers gets quite the punishment for leaving to the Big Ten, venturing 2,979 miles from Newark to San Diego State. They also might just stay at San Diego State.

Big Winners? Why UCF! The knights closest travel companion is about an hour drive away. The Big Losers anyone being punished for leaving the Big East! Just think soon, and very soon, they will have this footprint in a world where their BCS payout is the same as the MAC and their TV payout, if they are lucky, might be 5 million dollars.

Who else is talking about traveling? Big East hoops schools!

Big East's direction concerns conference's Catholic schools, sources say - ESPN
A basketball split, which has been rumored for years, would send shockwaves throughout the rest of the potential Big East members, especially football-only members such as Boise State and San Diego State, which are scheduled to leave the Mountain West for an expected, but now uncertain, bigger media rights payday in the Big East. Boise State and San Diego State will have to put their non-football sports in the Big Wes

I wouldn't hold your breath on this one. There is just way too much money tied up in those NCAA tournament payouts for the Catholic schools to consider leaving.

Trollers be Trollin'

My son.... I'm not touching this one with a 10 foot pole.. But if you like these kinds of fights then this is for you!

Troll Tuesday: College football players should make more money than your dad -
Your dad is great and all, but he makes more money than he deserves. Money that ought to go to paying college football players.

Queen City Sports ranks the big 4

UB is ranked 3rd...

"Big 4" Power Rankings Second Edition - Queen City Sports
The Bulls and Niagara Purple Eagles are struggling to find consistency. The Bulls are coming off a victory over Niagara last Saturday 77-67, but have failed to find the chemistry that they have had for so many of the years past.

If not for Will Regan we might be ranked 4th!

MAC announces POTW -
Will Regan, Buffalo Senior, Forward, Buffalo, NY (The Nichols School) Regan averaged 18 points and 7.5 rebounds to help the Bulls earn wins over Milwaukee and Niagara. The sophomore forward shot 12-of-18 from the field, including 4-of-8 from beyond the arc for the week. At Milwaukee, Regan had 10 points, seven rebounds, an assist, a steal and a block to help the Bulls earn the 72-52 road win.