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Grades and thoughts from the Miami game

Grades and thoughts from the Miami game

The Drives


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

The Thoughts

Well this is a game the Bulls, and coach Quinn really needed and it possibly sets UB coach Jeff Quinn up for a career saving run. If the Bulls can mange Western Michigan then they have a real shot at winning the following two and wrapping up the season a respectable 5-7.

It was nice to see a pass first Quarterback leading the offense. I'm ok with the idea of a duel threat QB but for all of his presence and ability to stretch the front seven he provides little in the way of a passing threat. Licata can put a little more bite in the play action game and start backing other teams out of the box.

The defense was great until the fourth Quarter but their inability to stop the big play nearly cost UB the game.

4th and 20 at the 28? There are less then 20 yards of field you need to worry about, how do they convert on that?

The Grades


Joe Licata: B+

Not a bad showing for the freshman! Licata put up the best passing day UB has seen since the win over Morgan State and he did it by taking what Miami gave him. For a while that meant nothing but very short passes against a soft zone.

Licata wsa hurt by several drops and owns two big overthrows but with Oliver back to full power all UB needs is someone to complete 55-60% of their passes and keep the mistakes to a minimum. That's what Licata did!

Tony Daniel: A

His one series as a quarterback was pedestrian but he did earn an A for his heads up play on special team and the 10 yard completion that probably saved the game.

Running Backs: A-

Boy does a healthy Branden Oliver make a difference for Buffalo. Of course it would be nice if Devon Campbell did not develop an issue holding onto the ball just when we have a two man backfield.

Receivers: D

Far too many drops, and they came at critical times. You have a freshman quarterback and a chance against one of the more vulnerable pass defenses in the conference. Drops on third down are simply inexcusable.

Offense Line: A+

Decent holes for Bo and time for Licata, what more can you ask for. Oh yea just one penalty on the unit the whole game!

Defensive Line: B+

Steven Means showed up in a big way. Speaking of way UB's Colby Way had a decent game.

Linebackers: B+

The fact they held Miami's ground game in check was not surprising. But their support against the pass was a pleasant surprise and a big part of why Zach Dysert, one of hte best passers in the conference, looks positively pedestrian.

Defensive Backs: B

They held well until the fourth quarter and that 4th and 20 is inexcusable.

Special Teams

Everyone but McGill: A-

They got the job done. Decent punts, 2/3 on field goals, and long ones at that. Not to mention Devin Campbell's game saving kickoff return.

McGill: F

He's a freshman who was thrown into the position Marcus McGill has played decently this season. But yesterday McGill singly handedly was a one man wrecking crew on special teams. Hopefully it was just a bad game and not a case of the yips.