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Blog Poll Draft Ballot - Notre Dame, Georgia, Alabama

Notre Dame #1 Georgia #2

Just keep overlooking Georgia
Just keep overlooking Georgia

With the regular season over Notre Dame has survived to hold onto the number one spot. Some will criticize their schedule and to be sure it's not an SEC loaded beast but it had its share of quality opponents.

Alabama and Georgia will meet in the SEC championship game with the winner likely to face the Irish for all the marbles.

Orange Crush

The MAC has a really solid shot and sending one of its squads to a BCS bowl for the first time. Kent and NIU are both going to be ranked in the top 20 and they face off in the MAC Championship game.

It's hard to see the winner of that game not picking up a spot or three in the BCS rankings.

Meanwhile the Big East had an awful weekend with both Louisville and Rutgers Losing. That means whoever wins the Big East is going to be ranked below the MAC in the final BCS poll.

But wait there's more!

If Georgia Tech wins the ACC title game they will be ranked below the MAC champion and take one of the BCS slot.

And let's not forget the Big10!

Because Ohio State and Penn State on on probation Wisconsin trips into their championship game. If the Badgers can upset the Huskers then the MAC champion will be ranked above the Big Ten champion as well.

The MAC only needs one of these scenarios to play out in order to play in the Orange Bowl but all three would be an amazing way for the season to finish.