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Winner of Year Three Bull Run Weekly Champion

UB Drop Out came on strong the second half the season. Once Drop Out took the lead, he was not looking back.

Drop Out display this trophy proudly at your summer home.
Drop Out display this trophy proudly at your summer home.
David Brand PU Photographer

We have crowned the winner of the 2012 Weekly Bull Run Pick 'Em Champion. Joining such athlete pickers as BullFaninChiTown and BrandedBull (aka Bulls2010), UB Drop Out has reached the summit for UB Football. Congratulations UB Drop Out. Drop out has bragging rights for the off season. If you ever see UB Drop Out at a UB Football game again, can someone please give his prize of a firm handshake, a pat an the behind, and one mug of home brewed beer.

Drop Out was sniffing atop the leader board all year. Started the year and spent the first couple of weeks in fourth place. After the UCONN game, UB D_O had some soul searching. Dropped from 4th to 7th. Sleep walked through Ohio and Northern Illinois and stayed locked at the 7th spot. Drop Out battle through groin injuries (please do not share the story how you acquired that particular injury) and found his rhythm against Pitt and Toledo. Moved into the top three.

Then the magic happened. Against Miami, Drop Out bitched slapped everyone who ever picked this year. With a perfect prediction Drop Out vaulted from third place to first with a ten point lead. Kudos also goes out to Bleeding Blue who also had a perfect week picking up 16 points and moving up to the third place from ChubbyHubbyville.

Calvin tried to regain the top spot he loved occupying all season. Calvin cut the lead to 7 points with two games remaining but Drop Out was just too strong. Drop Out picked up 6 points against UMASS and opened his lead to 14 points. It would have taken a perfect pick against BGSU and no one was up to the challenge.

Drop Out gets to feel the pride of out-picking only 16 pickers at the end of the season and in the process of winning gets a $50 gift certificate from GameDay Depot.

Thank you for all who participated this year. Especially want to thank the 16 who picked all games this season as well as everyone who has picked for three years.

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