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Week 12 - Final UB Bull Run Pick 'Em Game

Unfortunately we will not be picking UB at a Bowl Game this year. Hopefully in 2013. I am not sure if anyone can catch UB Drop Out. With the magical pick in week 9 vs. Miami of the exact score, UB Drop Out has not looked back. Tied for the most points last week. It will take a perfect pick to try to catch him. Do you have it in you?


Don't forget that the game is Friday. I do not want anyone sending me picks Saturday morning. Or falling asleep Thursday after partaking in to much turkey.

Well, he we are boys and girls. At the end of another UB season. I will save the opinions for the off season. UB has faced BGSU a total of 9 times. Buffalo has won 3 of the 9 and last beat BGSU in 2010. Yep, under Quinn, 28 - 26. BGSU did come back the next year and beat UB. For the series, UB has scored 209 points while BGSU scored 290.

This is a very interesting game to see how far UB has progressed. This is a real test for this team. I do not think that anyone will deny BGSU is the best of the teams UB faced over the course of the last four games of the season. I do not have to see a UB win to stay excited for next year, but I do want to see the D stiffen up and Licata able to move the ball in the air. I would not play Bo. I may take flack for that but this game should be all about next year. Let all seniors who did not have a chance to get minutes have the first part of the game to hold memories for life. Then let's see what depth this team has. I am not saying lose, just fight hard and get some time for players that will be difference makers next season.

BGSU comes into this game with a record of 7-4 (5-2 MAC) and not necessarily have much to play for. Couple of bulletin boards clippings would be they lost last week to Kent. No teams wants to lose two in a row. At 7 wins, BGSU should be a lock for a bowl game. Should be. Ask Temple how that works? Get to 8 wins and a bowling you will go. BGSU does not really have home feel advantage traveling from south of Toledo to Columbus for this game. That will be two hour plus drive for the BGSU faithful. A four hour drive from the B-Lo. Look for empty seats.

Thank you to all who have participated. Especially wanted to thank the ones who have been down since day one. Have a great Thanksgiving to all the American entries!

BGSU has gone from a 9 point favorite to a 10 point favorite with an over/under dropping 9 points from 53 to 44. That was pretty much what I expected. 15 picks in so far and 10 for UB. Our combined picks are saying this game will be a tie at 22-22.

Participant Points Bulls BGSU
UB D/O 38 17 14
Calvin 24 20 27
Bleeding Blue 24 20 17
UB92 21 13 24
MarkChicago 19 24 17
BrandedBull 19 17 27
kdahlberg93 19 29 27
DCA 17 13 24
Homey G 17 35 17
Zigo230 16 23 28
Bull _Trojan 15 21 23
ChubbyHubby 15 27 24
Vman 14 21 17
PittBull1 14
wearub46 14
Bullions 13
B I E 13
BC Bull 12 19 17
BfloFan4255 12 25 21
RochesterBull 11
RochBull 10
WilczynskiB 10
ukbro00 6
BuffaloSuperFan 5 31 28
UBBulls08 5
15 15.3 22 22