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UMass Report Card

UMass Report Card

Quarterbacks: B+

The numbers tell a pretty good story. The redshirt-freshman signal caller went 18-for-30 for 226 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. The pick could have swung the game if not for a UB surge in the second half. Aside from the duck that Licata had picked off in the endzone he was on pretty much all night. If not for some drops Licata probably complete closer to 23 or 24.

Running Backs: A

We are spoiled at Buffalo, we have no clue just how spoiled we are. Between Rashad Jean (17 carries for 73 yards) and Branden Murie (14 Carries for 90 yards and a TD) UB averaged 5.2 yards a carry. It took them awhile to get moving and I'm sure that playing the UMass defense helped but these are UB's number four and five backs.

Receivers: B-

Too many dropped passes. During the first half when the offense was really struggling two or three drives ended with a dropped pass. Poor play by the receivers is the main reason Buffalo was at one point just 1 out of nine on third downs, and that conversion rate was the reason we were scoreless.

The receivers made up for that in the second half, making some big plays especially Free Lee taking a 3rd and 16 reception for 34 yards.

Offensive Line: B

UB never really found any space on the outside but the inside running game was solid and pass protection was adequate.

Defensive Line:A-

They were having a very bleh game until late in the fourth. Aside from the questionable call on Means (could have gone either way) the line was perfect in the last five minutes or so.

Linebackers: A-

Mack has a career-high 15 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks and two forced fumbles. He broke all time UB record for tackles for loss with 53.5.

Defensive Backs: B

Still giving way too much space to opposing receivers. UB picks were a result of poorly thrown balls and not great coverage.

Special Teams: ?

How do you grade a unit that blocked a punt for our first score and then later lucked into not handing UMass a score on a muffed punt?