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Victory Tunes: Easier to run!

Victory Tunes: Easier to run!

In honor of Rashad Jean, for bring the pain on those runs up the gut!

It's easier to run
Replacing our backs with full back runs!
It's so much easier to go
Jean can run until we have BO!

Ill be honest the list of songs I was thinking about at half time included some explicit lyrics. In a time when UB football was finally starting to look like it knew how to win the Bulls walked into UMass and did everything they could to lose.

The offense, without Oliver and Campbell, was completely ineffective to open up the game. The defense, despite huge cushions, managed to keep UB in the game for most of the first but a late UMass drive helped push their lead to 13-0 at half time.

Buffalo was getting shut down by UMass!

The road back to victory stated in an unusual place, UB special teams. A blocked punt return by Kyndal Minnifield got UB on the board and seemed to put a spring in the Bulls step, even if UMass answered with a touchdown to reopen a 13 point lead.

UB's run game was anchored by Rashad Jean, UB second full back turned fifth line running back. With Buffalo missing Branden Oliver, Devon Campbell, and James Potts coach Quinn went to a one two punch of Brandon Murie and Jean.

Neither was dominant but together they put up great numbers and gave Joe Licata the protection that only a running game can.

Behind some creative play calling UB rattled off 22 straight points capped off by Brandon Murie's 12-yard touchdown run late in the fourth. Murie finished with 90 yards and Jean ripped off about 75.