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Buffalo falls to Western Illinois

Regan finds his groove but it's not enough.

Will Regan did not have a career game but he did put up his best game ever in a Buffalo uniform. His 13 points were matched by Javon McCrea but poor shooting from the guards doomed UB to their third loss of the season.

Buffalo played a chippy game, keeping it close and taking small leads but eventually a 13-3 Western Illinois run put the Leathernecks in front of the bulls for good.

Buffalo out rebound WIU but the Bulls shot just 21-54 from the field, the Leathernecks shot better than 45% from the field and 50% from beyond the arc. WIU's shooting was the difference.

Best comment of the game thread came from Dave Sanchirico who said this is starting to feel like 2007, a year when the Bulls struggled after losing a ton of talent the from the previous season. Between UB's shooting woes and their difficult schedule it's stating to look like one of those years where you throw your hands up and look for things that will improve next year.

Or as we call it on Bull Run... Football season!