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Game Week: UMass

Game Week: UMass

Jared Wickerham

The last time UB won three games in a row it was to clinch the MAC East back in 2008. This time around *if* the Bulls win their third straight they won't win a trip to the post season but they may validate what Coach Quinn has been saying. This team is getting better.

UMass hit their first FBS milestone last week, a win. The Minutemen took down Akron to gain their first FBS win, and they did it on the road.

So will UMass get their first streak of the FBS Era or will UB extend to three their current run.

Rank UB UMass Rank
76th 389.3 yds/gm Total Offense 275.8 yds/gm 124th
39th 190.7 yds/gm Rushing Offense 98.6 yds/gm 118th
95th 198.6 yds/gm Passing Offense 177.2 yds/gm 107th
99th 21.9 pts/gm Scoring Offense 11.2 pts/gm 124th
50th 379 yds/gm Total Defense 478.7 yds/gm 113th
80th 173.4 yds/gm Rushing Defense 227.7 yds/gm 119th
33rd 205.6 yds/gm Passing Defense 251 yds/gm 79th
85th 30.2 pts/gm Scoring Defense 41.1 pts/gm 120th
Rank UB <- Offense | Defense -> UMass Rank
76th 389.3 yds/gm Total vs. 478.7 yds/gm 113th
39th 190.7 yds/gm Rushing vs. 227.7 yds/gm 119th
95th 198.6 yds/gm Passing vs. 251 yds/gm 79th
99th 21.9 pts/gm Scoring vs. 41.1 pts/gm 120th
Rank UB <- Defense | Offense -> UMass Rank
50th 379 yds/gm Total vs. 275.8 yds/gm 124th
80th 173.4 yds/gm Rushing vs. 98.6 yds/gm 118th
33rd 205.6 yds/gm Passing vs. 177.2 yds/gm 107th
85th 30.2 pts/gm Scoring vs. 11.2 pts/gm 124th