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Talking Bull: Name the Big East Divisions!

Talking Bull: Name the Big East Divisions!

All the one armed pushups in the universe won't make you an AQ school!
All the one armed pushups in the universe won't make you an AQ school!
Rob Carr

So the Big East is going to finalize, and presumably name their divisions:

Big East presidents expected to approve divisions on Tuesday - ESPN
Sources told ESPN that for the purpose of football, the conference will be divided into a western division of Boise State, Houston, Memphis, San Diego State, SMU and Temple, and an eastern division of Central Florida, Cincinnati, UConn, Louisville, Rutgers and South Florida.

The "traditional" Big East schools are sticking together and grabbing UCF. Temple joins Boise, and the Texas/California set.

East west doesn't work so what do we call them?

  • OBE and NBE? Old Big East and New Big East?
  • Roth Division and Hagar Division (Van Halen before and after the talent left)

What do you think?

Whatever these new divisions end up being named the Big East is now officially a mid major conference!

Six bowls in pool for college football semifinal games - ESPN
The "Group of Five" conferences fought to get automatic access to the six major bowls. It was especially important for the Big East, which has had an automatic berth into the BCS bowls, but in the new system, the conference will not have guaranteed access unless its champion is the top-rated among the "Group of Five."

Between the fact the MAC has shown it can run with the Big East, and the fact the Big East itself will no longer get a fat piece of AQ pie expect to see some more parity among the non power divisions.

Quinns Seat Cooling Down

Hustle belt seems to think so as does the coaches hot seet which moved quinn from "On Fire" to "On the edge"

MAC Football Coaching Hot Seats - Hustle Belt
Jeff Quinn (Buffalo, 3rd year) - SAFETY: 3.45, SUCCESS: 0. Quinn may have bought himself some time, and another season, with this late season surge. How? Decent performance against Georgia, injure some players against Morgan State, have said players come back, beat two middle of the pack teams. Convincing wins? No, but wins nonetheless. Should he beat UMass, he will have improved the record of the Bulls by a game in each year of his tenure.

Coaches Hot Seat Ranking
46 - Jeff Quinn