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Week 11 of the UB Bulls Pick 'Em Game

Two weeks to go. This should be a win against first year MAC team UMASS. Nice to see great balance both on the offensive side of the ball and on the D.


Many in the UB fan base were very nervous about going against UMASS a couple weeks ago. Then Joe came to save the day. Hey Joe, where are you going with that gun at the end of your arm? Joe Licata is 2 - 0 as a starter for the Buffalo Bulls, both MAC victories. UMASS picks up it's first MAC victory (and only victory of 2012) against Akron this past weekend, 22 - 14.

Let's see if one team from Buffalo can go to Gillette Stadium and pick up a victory. Hopefully Bo's ankle can heal in time for the game. Welcome back Fred Lee. Nice to see a UB QB progress through reads.

I predicted that UB would be an 8 point road favorite with an over/under of 52. Nice to see that UB is actually favored by 10 (some places 11) with and over/under of 50 depending on the parlor. Now this is a fun time to run this challenge, 11picks in and all for Buffalo. This board can almost pick these games dead on with combined picks, we have this game with UB 34 UMASS 17. Can anyone pick off UB Drop Out? Can BC Bull finally get the score right on after two weeks of missing a perfect score by 1 point (He would be the hands down winner if did get it right two weeks in a row!)

Participant Points Bulls Umass
UB D/O 33 31 17
Calvin 26 31 24
Bleeding Blue 26 38 17
UB92 21 34 13
MarkChicago 21 40 17
BrandedBull 20 35 17
Vman 18
kdahlberg93 17 29 17
Bull _Trojan 16
DCA 16
Homey G 16
ChubbyHubby 16 34 22
Zigo230 16 30 20
PittBull1 15
BC Bull 15 34 17
Bullions 13
wearub46 13 31 13
B I E 12 38 13
RochesterBull 11
RochBull 10
BfloFan4255 10
WilczynskiB 10
ukbro00 8
BuffaloSuperFan 8
UBBulls08 5
11 15.7 34 17