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Three Goats - The Ohio Game

Will we every get a chance to praise some heroes?

Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The premise is simple: when we win, I praise our heroes, when we lose I criticize our goats. Take any praise in stride, lest we get a big head. Take any criticism with a grain of salt, this is how we learn.

Alex Zordich, the Quarterback, gets off the snide, completing 48% of his passes AND getting replaced, only to get back in the game, go 2-2 and finish with 52% completion rating.

3) Fumblers: Zordich, Derek Brim, Alex Neutz, Devin Campbell

First Neutz fumbles on his way down at the 14, one play later it's a tie game.

Zordich loves the 3 goats, so on the next series, Alex fumbled to kill a UB drive that had promise.

I contend that Brim never touched the punt, but when they call PETER PETER PETER, you get far away from the ball, don't even give the refs a chance to blow that call.

And finally Devin, down 7 with a minute to go in the half we faced 3rd and 10 from the 33, a 1 yard gain gets Clarke within his career long range of 49 yards.


The blocks were setup, and there was one man to beat to get a first down. With a nice cutback, it could have been a touchdown run. Even if he's tackled, the angle seems to put him down at the 25 for a 42 yard Clarke field goal. But the fumble pushed us out of field goal range. An absolute killer at the end of the half mars an otherwise outstanding game for Campbell.

2) Welcome back Quinn: 3rd down management

1) 3rd and 1: run for 5

2) 3rd and 8: run for 11

3) 3rd and 2: run for 4

4) 3rd and 1: run for 5

5) 3rd and 1: run for 3

6) 3rd and 1: run for 11

6 for 6 on 3rd down all via the ground and a 14 point lead. But this was just because they were 3rd and short right? Wrong. Lets look at the numbers:

Pass % 1st Down Conversions Situation Run YPC 1st Down Conversions
61.4% 1st down 5.53
44.7% 2nd down 4.35
50% 2/6 3rd & 1-3 7.06 16/18
33% 2/12 3rd & 4-6 9.5 4/6
25% 0/8 3rd & 7-9 7 3/7
45% 1/11 3rd & 10+ 5 0/5


Do not follow your instinct, use the chart.

The numbers are clear:

  • We HAVE to run on 3rd and shorts its basically automatic.
  • We should run on 3rd and medium.
  • Due to Alex's accuracy problems, we should probably run or have Alex scramble on 3rd and long.
  • On 3rd down and very long, our only conversion either way was on a screen pass. Instead of a draw play which gets us nothing, we should continue to try the screen play and let our athletes make plays in space.

We proceeded to:

3rd and 2: Pass for -3 yards WRONG

3rd and 10: Pass for 5 yards WRONG

3rd and 5: Incomplete pass WRONG

3rd and 3: Pass for 5 yards WRONG

3rd and 10: Run for loss of 7. WRONG

3rd and 15: Incomplete pass WRONG

3rd and 6: run for 11 yards. RIGHT

3rd and 23 run for 12 yards. WRONG, but played safe for a FG try

3rd and 1: run for 2 yards RIGHT

3rd and 7: Incomplete Pass WRONG

3rd and 3: rush for 3 yards RIGHT

3rd and 10: Incomplete pass WRONG

3rd and 10: Pass and lateral for 10 RIGHT

Ignoring the data on our offense led to 1 for 9 on 3rd downs after the first two drives.

Making the statistically correct call led to 4 for 4 on 3rd downs after the first two drives.

Paired with the first 6, we were 10 for 10 on 3rd down when we trusted the strength of our offense (run game).

We were 1 for 9 on 3rd down when we tried to spread it out and toss it around like we're the '09 Cincinnati Bearcats, PROTIP: WE ARE NOT THE 2009 CINCINNATI BEARCATS!

We need to be more aggressive on 3rd down on defense, and more conservative on Offense on 3rd down. You will stay at this 2 spot until we make those adjustments.

1) Marty Spieler - Tight Ends/Co-Special Teams Coordinator/Academic Liaison

Our academics better be pristine because our Tight Ends and Special Teams look awful.

Season Highlights:

  • Punting 30 yards an attempt
  • Blemishing Patrick Clarke's road to perfection with a bad snap and hold on an extra point.
  • Alex Dennison, a converted Tight End who is playing better at QB than at Tight End.
  • A fumbled punt snap.
  • A too close for comfort ruled fumble during a punt return by Derek Brim
  • 2 long kick returns that spurred 17 and 21 point surges by our opponents.

None of this can happen again, coach 'em up or kick it out of bounds.

Honorable mention:

We COULD be Heroes, but we weren't (brought to you by David Bowie):

Devin Campbell the #4 RB, became the 6th Bull to score a rushing touchdown this year and the 3rd different Bull to lead the team in Rushing (Oliver, Zordich).

The Defense: bottled up Ohio to the best of their ability, based on how we call plays. Held Blankenship way under his season average, forced Tettleton's first INT of the season.

Patrick Clarke: We have a good kicker for the love of god get into field goal range. (I'll just leave this here)