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Buffalo Football Report Card: Ohio

Buffalo Football Report Card: Ohio

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

Time to hand out this weeks report card:

Quarterbacks: B-

All told Zordich had a so-so day, but when he came on to relive Joe Licata and hurld the ball down field to set up UB's last touchdown all I could think to myself was... Where was this arm the whole game?

Yes we know he is tough, and we know he can run, but until UB presents some kind of passing threat we won't win these close games.

Licata looked green, but that's what you expect from a freshman. Meanwhile Dennison was a nice touch as a wild car Quarterback.

Running Backs: A

I'm not sure you can ask more than 160 yards, 5.8 per carry, and 20 receiving. Devin Campbell was everything we needed him to be in Branden Oliver's absence.

He did not look like a freshman out there and that bodes well for a world in which UB needs a backup for Oliver when he comes back.

Wide Receivers: B-

Zordich did not make it easy but there was the Alex Neutz Fumble and a few drops that really hurt Buffalo.

The highlight of the unit was Cordero Dixon's amazing catch late in the game. If he can keep that up maybe this unit has found its second man.

The only concern is the secondary that they faced, OU is missing several key defensive backs. Can they do this against the fist unit teams?

Offensive Line: B+

Campbell had room and Zordich had more time than his stats would make you believe.

Defensive Line: C+

After sleeping on it I find that Conrad is right. The front seven are not making the big plays. UB has just two turnovers to date and they are both interceptions. At some point it stops being a statistical quirk and becomes a question of execution.

Linebackers: C+

See above... Khalil Mack and Lee Skinner are doing a solid job managing opposing offenses but where are the turnovers?

Defensive Backs: C-

Too many third and long conversions. Also UB was giving Ohio way too much room

Special Teams: G



Sorry an F is too good for what happened yesterday.

Not only did they give up a 100 yard kickoff return which changed the games character they proceeded to gvie the ball back to Ohio on a botched punt return.

Even with the struggles other units had this game is winnable it the special teams holds up its end. Don't give up points and don't turn the ball over.