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Bull Run MAC Power Rankings

Bull Run MAC Power Rankings

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The MAC has one Bowl Eligible team. Ohio put down the Bulls on Big Special teams plays and retake the number one slot from Toledo.

Team +/- Comment
1 Ohio 1 Ohio proved that even with a decimated defense they can make defensive stops when they need to
2 Toledo -1 For awhile Toledo let the Chips keep it interesting but Fluellen's 100 yards and Owens two touchdowns were enough to overcome 3 turnovers
3 Northern Illinois No movement for Beating Ball State but the Huskies solidified their standing as the biggest threat to Toledo
4 Kent Don't look now but the Flashes lead the east and need just two more wins to be bowl eligible. They still have Army and Akron on their schedule
5 Western Mighigan That kind of blowout is just what WMU needed to get over the drubbing Toledo handed them. They have three win and maybe three more "should win" games left
6 Ball State Though loss for the cards who are quickly running out of Margin for error if they want to go bowling
7 Bowling Green 1 Going into the half down to Akron has to be a wake up call to Bowling Green, They have an outside shot at six wins but they cant play another half like that.
8 Central Michigan -1 It's hard to know if the chips are underachieving or overachieving. Will the real Central Magician please stand up?
9 Miami The loss to Cincinnati is about what was expected and nobody below the RedHawks really did anything to distinguish themselves.
10 Akron The Zips are much better than their record at this point. There is a shot the win three this year but they lost a chance to steal one today
11 Eastern Michigan At what point is Ron English in trouble? Was 2011 his "Blind Squirrel season"
12 Buffalo If this was purely a power ranking for special teams UB would easily fall under UMass.
13 Umass The Minutemen did nothing right today. 2.5 per carry, under five per pass, and three turnovers. They are on an express train to a winless season.