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The Pregame Meal: Ohio 2012

The Pregame Meal Ohio 2012: That awkward moment when fans in Peden Chant "O-H-I-O-S-T-A-T-E

Jamie Sabau - Getty Images

The Pregame Meal is in Athens, Greece Georgia West Virginia Ohio. The goal of the pregame meal is to Hydrate, Nutritionate, and Player Hate. It is your bulletin board's bulletin board material. The Pregame meal also delivers 11 factors that will decide the game, and over 50% of those factors are actual football facts. After the game, I revisit it all, during the postgame meal. In the pregame meal, the answer to every question is: "What is Ohio Sucks?"


Ohio Cocktail it's the trashy cousin of the Mimosa, perfect for another Noon start.

Nutritionation: O'Betty's Red Hot: Dogs > Bobcats

Player Hating:

  • I hate Ohio, Basketball, Football, everything.
  • I hate the Marching 101 and their policy of destroying the visiting team's sideline as part of their halftime show.
  • I really hate the OHIO chant.
  • I hate that for anything you say, Ohio fans will retort with "our campus is so beautiful" or "You should see us during Halloween" DOONNNTTT CARRRREEEEE.
  • Matt Weller, is he every going to graduate?

A Little Love:

  • LaVon Brazill - Thanks for leaving.
  • Frank Solich, I like his Temple beating policy, and I like that he always seems to blow that MAC game he should win by 30.

11 factors to decide the game.

1) Ohio Offense vs Buffalo Defense:

Ohio is what we've faced and struggled to stop. A team that runs 5 yards a carry, and then passes with efficiency. Ohio has yet to throw an interception. Tyler Tettleton connects on 64% of his passes. Hopefully we come out with a new defensive scheme, but if not, we will give Tettleton time to pick us apart.

Advantage: Ohio

2) Better Campus

What is Ohio Sucks?

Advantage: Buffalo

3) Buffalo Offense vs Ohio Defense:

Ohio is not great against the pass, especially on 3rd down. Buffalo is a running team. This goes one of two ways, Zordich finds his confidence against Ohio, or it will be another long day on offense.

Advantage: Ohio

4) Best Quarterback Parent

Mickey Tettleton vs. Cynthia Zordich

Advantage: Buffalo

5) Key Situation: Sinking Blankenship

Beau Blankenship is the #2 back in the MAC in yards per game. Number 1? Branden Oliver. 170 per game in 2.5 games. Beau carried Ohio when UMASS challenged, if UB is to challenge, they are going to have to keep Blankenship under 100. We have not stopped the big play on the run.

Advantage: Ohio

6) Google News Search Headline (non-sports related):

"OU Researcher Catalogs Athlete Injuries to Study Effects"

"UB Law event focuses on domestic violence"

Advantage: Buffalo

7) Key Player:

Frank Solich -

2006 9-5 Ohio team loses at home to 4-8 BGSU
2007 6-6 Ohio team loses at home to 3-9 Kent State
2009 9-5 Ohio team loses at home to 5-7 Kent State
2010 8-5 Ohio team loses at 5-7 Kent State
2011 10-4 Ohio team loses at 3-9 Buffalo

Solich's Ohio always has a let down game, it could be this week.

Jeff Quinn -

Jeff Quinn on the other hand, gets out-coached by everyone, but every once in a while pitches a gem, 2nd half NIU, the 2011 Ohio game come to mind. Quinn, Tepper and the like have made errors in our 3 losses, and if we win, we'll need to start with a great offensive and defensive game plan.

Advantage: Buffalo

8)House Protection:


Players from New York: 2

Players from Ohio: 64

House Protection Index: 130


Players from New York: 37

Players from Ohio: 10

House Protection Index: 84

Advantage: Ohio

9) Key situation:

3rd Down: Zordich has been abysmal on 3rd down. If Buffalo has any chance with or without BO, Zordich will have to channel week 1 Zordich, the one with composure, and forget week 3-4 Zordich who can't hit the broad side of a barn on 3rd down. That or scramble more. He hasn't shown us that he will get better, he's shown regression, it may soon be Licata time.

Advantage: Ohio

10) The Curse of @JGuyMac

Home teams are now 3-3 when the MAC Social Media Tour rolls in. They will be in Athens Saturday.

Advantage: Push

11) Previous Results

Buffalo: 1-3
Ohio: 5-0

Advantage: Ohio

Overall 11 Factors Pregame Meal Score: Ohio 6, Buffalo 4, The Bobcats go 6-0.