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Bull Run Blog Poll Ballot: Florida is #1 and Welcome Toledo and NIU

Here is your new #1 team
Here is your new #1 team
Chris Trotman

Conrad called me out on the carpet last week for complaining about Oregon being number two over Florida while ignoring the fact that by the same Logic there is no way Alabama should be number one ahead of the Gators.

Florida is about the best tested team in the nation and they have answered each and every time. Aside from Notre Dame they are about the only undefeated teams who's schedule is ranked in the top ten.

They might not be winning like Alabama or Oregon but they are winning. A win next week and Florida clinches their division before November arrives.

On the other end of the Poll is Northern Illinois. It was a toss up between them and a few other teams (most notably Louisiana Tech) but the Huskies are so ridiculously close to undefeated it seemed only fair to get them in the top 25 now.

Toledo makes a big splash on my Ballot by entering the poll at #21. Like NIU they are a hairs breadth away from being undefeated (lost in Overtime of week one against Arizona).

Unlike NIU they have a signature win to hang their hats on. Their win last night against Cincinnati moved them to #1 in my conference power rankings but here Ohio, on the basis of being undefeated, hangs on in front of them.

Speaking of Cincinnati I dropped the Bearcats just one spot. 6-1 ain't bad and they still have two games to prove themselves. Consider them provisional members of my top 25. Next week they take on #18 Rutgers with a chance to hold on.

Sitting jut on the outside are teams like Kent, Tulsa, and Louisiana Tech. Of the three Tech has the best resume, just three points shy of undefeated. What hurt tech in my rankings was their future schedule versus NIU.

NIU has a much harder road to a one loss season than LA Tech does. If Tech can hold on until they get through Utah State NIU will have either have beaten or lost to Toledo. That could be what decides who is floating in the 20's (or high teens by that point)