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MAC Power Rankings: Toledo makes their move

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MAC Power Rankings: Toledo makes their move

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Rank Team +/- Comment
1 Toledo 1 It's painful to consider just how close Toledo is to being undefeated this year and just where in the national polls they would be after this weeks win.
2 Ohio -1 How do you fall a spot despite being undefeated and having a bye? Well when Toledo beats an opponent twice as good as you have.
3 Northern Illinois 0 NIU just keeps proving they are not going away in the West. WMU could be a trap game but as it stands their game against Toledo will once again decide the division.
4 Kent 0 Welcome to the Post season Kent. Anyone who can't think of a reason why Darrell Hazell should not be the MAC coach of the year.
5 Ball State 0 Ball State has showed a lot of character this season. After two crushing losses in the middle of they year they have bounced back with two wins and are on their way to at least seven on the season.
6 Bowling Green 1 The Defense is really coming through for Bowling Green. Seven wins seems almost certain at this point, eight is possible.
7 Western Michigan -1 Can we start the annual Western Michigan Chant of "Next year is the year Coach Cubit gets it all together"… Wait who's graduating? Aww Hamburgers,
8 Miami 0 While Miami sat idle they saw future opponent Kent become Bowl eligible, and Ball state get their 5th win. Add that to Ohio and Miami has a difficult back 6 this season.
9 Central Michigan 0 Solid game against Ball State, Their best effort since they Beat Iowa some time ago. That level of play and their remaing schedule. it or not they have a realistic path to six wins.
10 Eastern Michigan 0 EMU gets off the schnide with a huge win against Army. They have yet to play Western or Central so maybe Coach English can salvage his season.
11 Akron 0 NIU is one of those teams that exposes lesser talent in a huge way. Akron is still rebuilding well despite the setback.
12 Buffalo 1 It's what you've come to expect from Buffalo football. Even when they out gain, out run, hold the ball longer, and get more first downs they are bad enough to lose
13 UMass -1 That is by far their least competitive conference game yet. Either UMass has been playing at 110% or Bowling Greens defense is for real