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Depth Chartin': I've got nothing to work with here

Depth Chartin': I've got nothing to work with here

Well Coach quinn saw something he liked against UConn, or he really wanted nothing to do with paperowrk this week.

The depth chart released by Buffalo today is identical to the one put forth by the Bulls last week, let hope the results differ! The Bulls keep Oliver at #1in hopes that Coach Quinns prayers are answered. Were still missing Brock and Lee is gone until the very end of the regular season.

Offense 1 2
WR Alex Neutz Devon Hughes
LT Andre Davis Pat Wilson
LG Jansen Carlson Bob Blogdett
C Trevor Sales Gabriel Barbe
RG Graham Whinery Dillon Guy
RT Gokhan Ozkan Jake Silas
TE Jimmy Gordon Dennison - Reeder
QB Alex Zordich Joe Licata
RB Branden Oliver Branden Murie
FB Rashad Jean Jimmy Gordon
WR Cordero Dixon Ron Willoughby
WR Rudy Johnson John Dunmore
Defense 1 2
DE Steven Means Beau Bachtelle
NG Cahill - Sokoli
DE Colby Way Dale Barksdale
OLB Khalil Mack Willie Mosely
ILB Stockman - Pettigrew
ILB Lee Skinner Khari Brown
OLB Dalonte Wallace Imani Chatman
CB Najja Johnson Carlos Lammons
SS Isaac Baugh Okoye Houston
FS Witney Sherry Minniefield - Brim
CB Cortney Lester Maqus Baker