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UB Officially releases Basketball Schedule, with a nice surprise

UB Officially releases Basketball Schedule, with a nice surprise

So how close did UBNation, in particular the lads over at, dome to nailing the UB Mens Basketball Schedule?

Missed it by *that* much. The conference order is a bit off and, wait who is that on the 28th! Why what a nicevery nice surprise!I knew Director white was an Aluimni but I never thought he would get a home game game versus...

Wait which Notre Dame... Aww HamburdersThis is like asking for transformers and getting a dang go-bot!

After hosting Division II Notre Dame College on Dec. 28, the Bulls will close out non-conference play at Tulsa on Jan. 2.

Oh well a guy can dream.

# Date UBNation UB Athletics
1 November 10th Princeton at Buffalo Princeton
2 November 12th Buffalo at Florida State at Florida St.
3 November 15th-17th Buffalo and Evansville at Evansville
4 November 15th-17th Buffalo and Western Illinois vs. Western Ill.
5 November 15th-17th Buffalo and Yale vs. Yale
6 November 20th Buffalo at Canisius at Canisius
7 November 28th Temple at Buffalo Temple
8 December 1st Buffalo at St. Bonaventure at St. Bonaventure
9 December 5th Buffalo at Milwaukee at Milwaukee
10 December 8th Niagara at Buffalo Niagara
11 December 21st Buffalo at Washington State vs. Washington St.
12 December 28th - Notre Dame (Ohio)
13 January 2nd Buffalo at Tulsa at Tulsa
14 January 12th Miami at Buffalo at Ohio *
15 January 16th Kent State at Buffalo Miami (OH) *
16 January 19th Bowling Green at Buffalo Kent State *
17 January 23rd Buffalo at Ball State Bowling Green *
18 January 26th Buffalo at Akron at Ball State *
19 January 30th Central Michigan at Buffalo at Akron *
20 January 9th Buffalo at Ohio Central Michigan *
21 February 2nd Buffalo at Western Michigan at Western Michigan *
22 February 6th Buffalo at Eastern Michigan at Eastern Michigan *
23 February 9th Northern Illinois at Buffalo Northern Illinois *
24 February 13th Toledo at Buffalo Toledo *
25 February 16th Buffalo at Miami at Miami (OH) *
26 February 23rd ESPNU BracketBuster TBD
27 February 27th Buffalo at Kent State at Kent State *
28 March 2nd Akron at Buffalo Akron *
29 March 5th Ohio at Buffalo Ohio *
30 March 8th / 9th Buffalo at Bowling Green at Bowling Green *