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Bull Run Versus the Blog Poll - The Irish are back

Time once again for me to stand up and face the Music... How much do I differ from the Blog Poll?

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Well the Irish have done it... They are back in the good graces of the only College football poll that matters! The SBNation Blog Poll. Fir the first time in a long, long, long, long, long, long really long time Notre dame is ranked in the Blog Polls top 10, and they have earned it.

I still have the Irish *just* outside of the top ten. In my heart of hearts I wanted to put them there but I just could not really justify bumping anyone ranked above them. Besides the Irish still have a ton of time to make up ground and a schedule which will let them do just that.

Blog Poll # Bull Run
Alabama Crimson Tide (76) 1 Alabama Crimson Tide
Oregon Ducks (3) 2 Oregon Ducks
Florida St. Seminoles (1) 3 Georgia Bulldogs
LSU Tigers 4 Florida St. Seminoles
Georgia Bulldogs (1) 5 LSU Tigers
Kansas St. Wildcats (2) 6 South Carolina Gamecocks
South Carolina Gamecocks 7 Kansas St. Wildcats
West Virginia Mountaineers 8 West Virginia Mountaineers
Notre Dame Fighting Irish (1) 9 Ohio St. Buckeyes
Texas Longhorns 10 Florida Gators
Florida Gators 11 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Ohio St. Buckeyes 12 USC Trojans
Oregon St. Beavers (1) 13 TCU Horned Frogs
USC Trojans 14 Texas Longhorns
TCU Horned Frogs 15 Clemson Tigers
Clemson Tigers 16 Oklahoma Sooners
Oklahoma Sooners 17 Louisville Cardinals
Stanford Cardinal 18 Mississippi St. Bulldogs
Louisville Cardinals 19 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs
Northwestern Wildcats 20 Rutgers Scarlet Knights
Mississippi St. Bulldogs 21 Ohio Bobcats
Nebraska Cornhuskers 22 Texas Tech Red Raiders
Rutgers Scarlet Knights 23 Oregon St. Beavers
UCLA Bruins 24 Cincinnati Bearcats
Ohio Bobcats 25 Northwestern Wildcats