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Buffalo at Ohio: Photoshop/Meme Contest!

Hate is a strong word, yet not strong enough for how I feel about Ohio.

I've been spewing a lot of hate the last few weeks in the Pre-game Meal, but out of all MAC teams, I hate Ohio the most. Hate their football team, hate their basketball team, I hate the Convo and I really hate Peden Stadium. I just cannot stand the players, the fans, the Marching 110, if it's in Green and White I hate it. I'm sure many of you feel the same way, so why not let everyone get in on the fun?

I'm not sure if we've ever done this before, but it's time to see how creative and funny Bull Run nation is with a Photoshop/Meme contest. Your source material comes from Jason Arkley, beat writer at the Athens Messenger:

The picture reads: "Welcome to Peden Stadium Home of... the Best Fans in the MAC!"

Do you agree with that notion? Let your photoshop and your giant text captions be your answer.

Post your images in the comments and GO.