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Radiohead sings about UB Bulls Special Teams

Radiohead does not play Creep any longer. Buffalo does not play special teams any longer. Coincidence, I think not. I love Brandon Berry's expression in this picture.


I want you to notice Oh we notice your special teams play

When I'm not around Like not being around on kickoff coverage?

You're so ****in' special Ah, yeah!

I wish I was special We do to!

The Good.....

We do have a kicker. After not being able to watch any FG attempts in the beginning of last season, it is nice to know that if UB is ever in a position to win a game with a FG, I have confidence that it maybe good.

TEAM FGM FGA PCT LNG 1 to 29 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ XPM XPA PCT
BUFFALO 4 4 100 44 1 of 1 1 of 1 1 of 1 1 of 1 0 of 0 17 18 94.4

When you were here before Seems like we have been here since 2009

Couldn't look you in the eye No veer off your lane to create gaping holes.

You're just like an angel I have nothing.......sorry not that witty!

Your skin makes me cry Special Teams did make me cry at Ohio

The Bad....

41 Tyler Grassman, P BUFF 39 1379 58 35.4

This is deceiving ranking punters by gross yardage. Grassman has the most punts. If you look at all the punters in NCAA, Grassman has the worst AVG. There are some kickers with 1 or 2 punts that have a low 30's but are they the WR filing in for an injured punter? I am not sure. All I know is that 35.4 average is terrible for an NCAA kicker and coverage team.

She's running out again,

She's running out

She's run run run run Yes, opponents run run run and run.


Kickoff Coverage

If you have not read this article by Bull-Trojan on the positives of UB kicking the ball out of bounce on every kick off, read it. Great article. Sad but great.

Georgia has a straight out stud smoke us on a kickoff return. The Ohio kickoff return was just lazy playing on the field. Miss assignments and avoiding contact. That kick off changed the momentum of that game. Solich was doing his best to gift wrap another win for UB.

I can see how it played out at half time....

Big Scary Looking Mafia Friend of Ours....Solich, I told you let Buffalo win this game.

Solich......I am trying, without making it to blatantly obvious, I am doing everything I can.

BSLMFOO...... You need to try harder in the second half.

Solich.....I am not sure what to do?

BSLMFOO.......Don't put players out on the field.

Solich....But then Quinn will think it is a new way off coaching. He will try to prove how much smarter he is than me and he will not put players on the field as well.

BSLMFOO...Did you say Quinn, as in Jeff Quinn?


BSLMFOO....Oh Man, why did Rocco and Bruno pick this game. You are off the hook for now Solich. Do you know of a good place in town for good sausage and peppers? Forgetaboutit! Oh!

If Special teams is going to cost you games every season, why not have a dedicated full time coach. Last year vs. Pitt we missed an Extra Point, terrible kicking and coverage. It’s time to fix Special Teams. You do not need to have the best athletes for a great Special Teams. Just great coaching, with players who will listen and execute, and play with heart. This team has lost all heart. Oh Heart, maybe time for a Crazy on You or Barracuda themed article.

And only on Bull Run would get a Spaghetti Western, Radiohead, Sopranos mash up.

If you are too old to get into Radiohead or too young to know who they are, watch the video.