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What's the outlook for Pitt?

With Buffalo in full fledged free fall what can the Bulls do to turn things around.

UB Athletics

Though the Buffalo and Pitt series is young, just three games all played over the past four seasons, UB has held up far better than the series score (0-3) or the game scores would indicate.Each game has been pretty competative in it's own way and the Bulls have never been shamed in defeat by Pitt.

Some of this has to to with us catching the Panthers at the right time.

2008 was the Best UB team of the modern era and they held tight with Pitt until a questionable penalty late in the game put the contest out of reach. The following year was turnover palooza, literally from the opening kickoff. Despite some massively bad ball control skills UB came off looking like a decent team.

Last season UB was fortunate enough to pass by Todd Graham as he took a one season "Pitt Stop". The Panthers came out sluggish so the Bulls were able to survive their own slow start. Were is not for a dropped pass the game may go the other way.

So maybe it's kama, or kismet, or destiny. It seems of all the Big Least schools out there UB seems to play best against Pitt?

So you're telling me there is a chance?

Does that mean they can win. Well maybe one out of a thousand times.

Yes there is a chance!

It's only fair to point out that UB's losses this season have come at the hands of opponents that are 26-7. Two of those teams are ranked, four of those losses belong to UConn, and four of the losses are on the road.

It's been a far more difficult schedule than many, including yours truly appreciated while watching the drubbing at the hands of NIU.

Buffalo's play against NIU was awful aside from that their losses have been respectable, as much as a loss can be respectable.

Pitt is playing at the level of UConn. Perhaps a little better, or a little worse but they are not playing as well as NIU, or Georgia, or Kent. They are not as good as Ohio, if UB alked in and Pitt was missing most of their secondary the Bulls could push them around like they did the Bobcats.

Why is there hope?

Pitt can't run

Well "Can't Run" might be a strong statement but they are not NIU and their Quarterback is definitely not a duel threat guy. Buffalo is still plenty vulnerable against the pass and Conrad has been ringing the bell on that.

We averaged 6.4 yards of cushion in the NIU game. The average cushion of the deepest DB was 9 yards. This explains why we are - Conrad Three Goats - The NIU "Game"

While the passing game may be a struggle it's one UB may be better suited for than a dynamic duel threat Quarterback.

Pitt's Offense is 180 degrees off of Buffalo

One very keen observation by the commentators during the NIU game was how much the similarity of the two teams may have helped the NIU defense. The Huskies defenders see a very similar scheme to Buffalo every day in practice, and they see a team that does it better than Buffalo.

So on game day it was all about out out coaching the other staff because players on each side knew what they were looking at. The Pitt defense does not have that luxury.

Surly game day coaching will still be key <shudder> but at least Buffalo might have a half of football before Coach Quinn's play calling.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again

Even though they typically play ugly Buffalo is capable of playing pretty good football. It's a home game, it's home coming, and perhaps the players will be fired up. The Question is can the coached make the right calls and have them properly prepared.