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Bull Run: Blog Poll Draft Ballot

Bull Run: Blog Poll Draft Ballot

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Starting anew:

So this week I basically took my top 25 teams wrote their names on poker chips, threw them in the cloths dryer and pulled them out.

Well not really, but with so many teams hitting seven games I did sort of wipe the slate clean regarding my preseason biases.

Teams like Louisiana Tech losing, albeit in a respectable fashion, also moved me away from the idea of tyring to include one team from every conference. Though I will admit I was very, very, tempted to put Western Kentucky at the twenty five spot.

A few more weeks of winning, even in the belt, would get a one loss team over the top.

Also floating in that oh so close range would be our conference mates Toledo and NIU. From conference USA Tulsa is on the edge of the top 25.

Leprechaun watch:

Notre Dame is on a collision course with legitimacy. In two weeks the Irish take on Oklahoma. The Sooners are a legit top 15 team that has been tested.

So far the Notre Dame has sort of climbed up through attrition but should the win the next two weeks they are a top five team regardless of what happens in front of them.

Big East lurching forward

Though none of their tams is hugely impressive there is a sizaeable pod of teams trying to break into the top 15.

The problem that Cincinnati, Louisville, and Rutgers have is that they only really face each other. Other than that the only game of note is this week when Cincinnati takes on Toledo, at Toledo.

So if the Bearcats win, and then beat Rutgers and Louisville the may move up quite a bit.