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Bull Run MAC Power Rankings

MAC Power Rankings

Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Well, it's happened... We're the worst team in the MAC!

Team +/- Comment
Ohio Letting Akron climb back into that game is not the kind of thing that you want to see if you're Ohio fans. You still ave Ball State and Kent on the docket.
Northern Illinois 1 NIU Punted UB back to the Jim Hofher era. Their level of play, combined with the fact they Get Toledo at home this season may give them the west
Toledo -1 Toledo has a shot at a statement game next week which could propel them to #1 in the power rankings. But they still have @NIU on their schedule.
Kent At this point being Bowl eligible is just about locked up for Kent, If they beat everyone they should then the last game of the year may be 11-0 Ohio vs 9-2 (or 8-3) Kent for the East
Ball State 1 Absolutely huge overtime win today with four wind and games against CMU and Army the Cards might be bowl eligible before Haloween
Western Mighigan -1 Their loss was as big for them as BSU's win was for the Cards. They get Kent and NIU so they could be 3-6 before their schedule lightens up.
Bowling Green With the win over Miami Bowling Green is starting to look like a team who's coach is way safer than people thought at the beginning of the year.
Miami 1 This was the one game Miami could not lose if they wanted to go Bowling. Now the need to beat Ohio, Kent, and Ball State to make six wins.
Central Michigan -1 How bad has CMU gotten? We will find out in two weeks when they play Akron. How did this team beat Iowa?
Eastern Michigan 1 Solid showing against Toledo. I still maintain that EMU can beat anyone in this conference if they bring their A game. Take the eagles lightly at your peril.
Akron -1 A late rally against Ohio is trumped by EMU's close game against Toledo. Still Akron has nothing to be ashamed of and the Zips look to be building fast.
Umass Congratulations UMass. Your bye, and Buffalo's hair ball, gets you out of the basement.
Buffalo Fin fact: Jeff Quinns first three seasons nearly as bad as Jim Hofhers. painful fact, UB gave Hofher two more years after the first three…