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Bull Run Blog Poll Draft Ballot

Bull Run Blog Poll Draft Ballot

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Meep Meep!

The only undefeated team I can't justify ranking is UTSA. While the road runners are having a great first season in the Bowl Subdivisions they have the following wins.

South Alabama: A team who is also in their first year of FBS football.

Texas A&M Commerce: A division two school

Georgia State: An FBS team, in their last season before moving up.

Northwestern Oklahoma: An NAIA school moving up to division II

New Mexico State: Allegedly they are a division one school, but I'm not buying it.

So I'll make this deal with UTSA Fans, including my Brother (who is an alumni). If the Road Runners make it through three more games They'll have my vote as #25 in the blog poll.

The week after Utah State they face Louisiana Tech and it's possible that both teams will be in the poll at that point which will provided an even better opportunity for UTSA to prove themselves.

But I have to say, Come on UTSA you're playing an NAIA school? How is it you guys managed to go from zero to FBS in just a few years but at the same time you were completely unable to drop an NAIA and a Division II school from your schedule?

Temple needed someone to play and there are a whole host of FCS schools that would take a pay day game.

It remains to be seen if UTSA's strategy of playing "Small Ball" will pay in the long run but many FBS fans have trouble stomaching and FCS games let alone NAIA and DII.

Still it might be better than losing.