The Jeffrey Amherst Trophy

As a red-blooded American, I love rivalries and trophies. Tonight's BCS Game has both, the "Saban Bowl," between LSU and Bama, and that beautiful large crystal ball trophy.

In my opinion, Buffalo needs more rivals, and more trophies. The addition of UMass to MAC football gives us an opportunity for both.

I have two potential ideas for "The Battle of Amherst"


Jeffrey Amherst Tebowing after a victorious battle. via

Option 1:Both teams can fight to win the Jeffrey Amherst Trophy.

Jeffrey Amherst was a British officer, most known for defeating the French in Canada during the French and Indian War, and stifling native rebellions in America. Both Amherst, Massachusetts and Amherst, New York were named after him.

Option 2: Both teams can fight to give the Jeffrey Amherst Trophy to the losing team.

Jeffrey Amherst, quite despicably, is also known for pioneering biological warfare, spearheading the practice of giving blankets infested with smallpox to natives.

In the traditional trophy format, teams fight for a trophy. Inspired by Jeffrey Amherst we could start a new trend, the reverse trophy.

The cursed trophy would spell doom for the season of the losing team. The following year, the previous loser would fight to rid themselves of the trophy, while the previous winner would fight valiantly to prevent the cursed trophy from entering their halls. I'd also hope somewhere in the bylaws of the trophy, the losing team would have to proudly display their cursed trophy.

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