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Health Problems for Jeff Veinotte?


So in the mist of trying to google up some UB verbals I came across this piece of news. It's a translation of a French Canadian football board so pardon the grammar.

I just learned that the star offensive lineman Jeff Veinotte will not come to Laval this season. His health problems returned. Another blood clot was reformed but this time in his heart. This is very bad news for the Red and Gold -- Facebook

.I poked around a bit and found a few french language football forums that have mentioned this.

Veinotte has been plagued by injuries and while this seems to end his career with Laval it's unclear what, if any, impact this has with Buffalo.

The important thing is that he gets better, as someone who's had a loved one suffer from blood clots I can attest to the stress this must be putting on both Jeff and his family. Keep them in your thoughts while he is on the mend.