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Talking Bull: Zippy to New Coaches - You complete me


Bowden Completes 1st Akron Staff
Terry Bowden has completed his coaching staff for his first season coaching the University of Akron. The former Auburn and North Alabama coach added nine coaches on Wednesday.

The MAC Daily runs down a list of Akron's new coaches. This was UB's one winnable gmae so Bulls fans should be aware!

But why Akron's "first staff" are we projecting problems already?

Finally the best part of the off season!

We sadly announced the opening of the Fulmer Cup via Twitter on Monday night from Capdeville in NOLA. We had to do this a few words at a time, since the table was being pushed over by Alabama fans drunkenly tipping the entire place sideways. A SPECIAL NOTE: those same Bama fans also pulled my laptop out of the way, cleaned up and apologized after they nearly killed the EDSBS computer, and even helped beleaguered servers hand out food to customers. We have to revise our understanding of the Crimson Tide fanbase in ways we are not comfortable doing, but it's 2012 now, and flying cars and diaper wipe dispensers that don't make us want to kill everything in a five mile radius will be our reward.

Easily the most interesting take on how out of controll some programs can get

Next years top25, brought to you by SBNation

College Football Top 25 For 2012: An Early Look Toward Next Fall -
More players will declare for the NFL draft, people will get hurt and/or arrested, impact recruits will commit. To say the least, a lot will change between now and the start of the 2012 college football season in August. But since when does that stop us from making predictions anyway?

Hustle Belts Understatement of the day

MAC Basketball Review: Harney's Army - Hustle Belt
This was a particularly forgettable night for Javon McCrea: eight points, 20 minutes, three fouls. Mitchell Watt was in Mitchell Watt form with 18 points and 12 rebounds, but Zach Filzen was very invisible from the stat sheet and the team accounted for 23 turnovers. Eek. Both team settle in at 1-1 in MAC play.