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Is UB's new defensive coordinator already on the staff?

Doubtful not not completely out of the question.

Last year coach Jeff Quinn replaced just about his entire offensive staff, granted he fired two and one left to play in the only league that really matters (TMM, or the Married Man league). This time he is just losing his defensive coordinator so the possibility of promoting from within is slightly higher.

In addition to coaching the whole defense Inge was specifically responsible for the linebackers. So you can bet that if one of the current coaches is picked then his fill in will be a linebackers coach.

The on staff candidates to replace Inge as the defensive coordinator are as follows:


Jerome "Jappy" Oliver (Defensive Line)

Oliver has bee around for some time. Going back to 1995 he was a coach on the staff of an Air Force team that went to five postseason bowl appearances including wins in the Oahu Bowl (1998) and the Silicon Valley Bowl (2000). Five Bowls, in seven years earned him a ticket to South Carolina where he helped produce a top 20 defense.

His last stop, before Buffalo, was Notre Dame.

Oliver helped the growth of Irish defensive ends Victor Abiamiri and Chris Frome as well as defensive tackles Derek Landri and Trevor Laws. All four of those players were drafted into the NFL.

The only knock I have ever heard against Coach Oliver, and this goes back to Notre Dame, is that he is not an overly impressive recruiter.


Ernest Jones (Defensive Backs)

Jones has been serving as UB's 'associate coach', defensive backs coach, and recruiting coordinator since the early days of the Quinn Regime,

Jones hit a huge bump in the road at Alcorn State where his head coaching career was dealt a blow by university politics. When the university's AD asked Jones to fire his staff Jones refused. He was then fired himself. Alcorn was 2-8 when the request was made but it was his first season and Alcorn was not a national power when he was hired.

After the drama at Alcorn Jones returned to Cincinnati where he was on the staff up until Kelly left for Notre Dame and Quinn left for Buffalo.

If you believe the recruiting services one could argue that Jones should be left where he is to focus on recruiting and the defensive backs.

So what say you UBNation?