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Post Bowl Games top 25 Ballot - It Really hurts to do this

The SEC 1-2-3

Those of you who are regular readers know I hate the SEC hegemony, I really do.

So please believe me when I say if there were any way to not put SEC teams in the one two and three slots I would not have done it.

But here we are.

Alabama beat LSU in convincing fashion so the get the number one slot.

LSU beat Alabama during the year and pretty much owned everyone else they played so they get the number two slot

And, lord help me, Arkansas only lost to two teams this year, they happen to be the number one and two teams in the nation. so they get the number three spot.

There is no way around it. There are the three best teams in College foot ball and other than, maybe, Oklahoma State I don't see how anyone can make a case against the SEC 1-2-3.

What about the Non-AQ's

I have to admit that I tuned out of the Bowl game selection process this year. I was busy with the new baby and thought I understood that the top rated non AQ school, ranked under 12, who finished in the top 12 got a crack.

So can someone please tell me how Boise got boned? How did Virginia Tech and Clemson both get bids in front of Boise?

On my Ballot Boise lands at 7, Houston at 14, TCU at 16, SMU at 19, and NIU at 24.

It's a shame, really. SMU, and NIU all had one huge choke job on their schedule. For SMU is was UAB late in the season and for NIU it was Kansas early on.

If those teams win these games there is a case to move them each up at least three or four spots.