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Talking Bull: It's the End of the world as we know it!

That's great, it starts with a husker earthquake, Buffalo's and defection, and A&M - Dan Beebe is not afraid. May invite the hurricanes, listen to the media churn - SEC serves its needs, regardless of the 12's needs.

When Baylor is one of the keys to holding the Big12 together... Its theEnd of the world as you know it!

Kind of weird that the Baylor Bears want Texas A&M to stay in the Big 12 so badly. Texas and Oklahoma are the keys to the conference, not A&M. What happens if the two Oklahoma schools, Texas and Texas Tech leave for the Pac-16? Baylor and A&M are going to repopulate the earth together? -- SB Nation

Baylor is so frightened of A&M leaving that they are suspected to the "One School" threatening legal action. Once that hurdle is cleared the SEC invite will be official and the speculation about 14 will hit overdrive (put 20$ on West Virginia).

Turner's a dog!

An underdog, at home, against a MAC school! When NIU rolls into Kansas it will be as six point favorites.

What they're saying about Kansas beating McNeese State - Red And Black Attack
he Kansas Jayhawks defeated the McNeese State Cowboys, an FCS opponent, 42-24 this past Saturday. Seems reasonable, you might say? Well unlike NIU's 49-26 stomping of Army, the KU-MSU game was as close as 35-24 with 8:32 left in the 4th quarter.

Bulls News

Just say no to Potts:

Potts Ineligible - Campus Watch - The Buffalo News
UB running back James Potts has been declared academically ineligible and will be unavailable to the team at least until the end of the first semester. Sources say that Potts, a red-shirt freshman, missed the qualifying standard by a hair.

It's a shame because he has talent and had passed the bar for Schools like Villinova. Potts is not dumb so hopefully this is just an adjustment issue that he will get taken care of for next season.


Oliver is Bulls' bell cow " Sports " Niagara Gazette
The Miami native played every snap of the Buffalo Bulls’ 35-16 loss at Pittsburgh. He ran the ball 35 times, tying Niagara Falls’ native James Starks for the second-highest single-game carry total in school history. His 114-yard performance amounted to almost 40 percent of his production as the Bulls’ part-time starter last season.


Chazz sees Bulls as MAC contenders - UB Football - The Buffalo News
"We have the ability to win the MAC championship," Anderson said at Tuesday's weekly news conference. "There's a lot of great football teams in the MAC conference. But I know and I believe in my heart that with this coach and with my teammates if we continue to prepare week in and week out to the best of our ability, and we limit our mistakes on the field, especially off the field as well, then we have a chance."

Maybe its just the beat up fan in me but I'm not quite ready to put the MAC on notice, yet... Temple, NIU, Toledo, and Ohio all looked very good. Miami still looks strong and we had on game where we lost by less than we were expected to.

Just one?

It's time for Bulls to win one - Mike Harrington - The Buffalo News
There's a good vibe around University at Buffalo football and that's important. Because for all the amazing things that happened in 2008 under Turner Gill, it's the only winning season the Bulls have since they got to the game's highest level in 1999.

Those vibrations might just be aftershocks from the earth quake last month ( or just some late night cramming in Ketter's SEESL ).