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Week 1 Ballot Squished Frogs!

Well say goodbye to TCU. Sure the Horned frogs nearly pulled off the comeback but in the end they lost to an unranked team, a rival at that. Baylor for their part climbs into the top 25 as I am always inclined to include a school who knocks off a ranked opponent.

Free Falling:

Oregon: I almost gave them a minimal move, after all the lost to a top five team. But boy did they lose!

Alabama: No love for beating Kent while your piers were playing Georgia and Oregon. Bama' falls two spots because they have not had a chance to prove themselves yet.

Georgia: Just three spots. They played a Boise team that may be as good as any they have ever fielded.

USC: You let Minnesota play you tight! MINN-E-SOTA! One of the rare instance where a win does not keep you in.

Auburn: Should have never been ranked and Utah State just proved it!

Big Gainers:

Penn State: Looked good and gained from teh failures of others

Welcome to the Party:

Central Florida: I'm thinking I should have had them in the 20's last week

Baylor: Beat a ranked team and your in, for now.

See the whole Ballot after the jump.