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Bull Run's Week 1 MAC Power Rankings:

# Team Change Comment
1 NIU - Many had this as a "Close" Game (Don't ask me why). NIU should have fewer doubters this week after destroying the Black Knights
2 Toledo - Great showing by Toledo, UNH is a decent program and the Rockets punished them all game long. The score was far less lopsided then the game.
3 Temple 2 Nova is no longer one of the best teams in the FCS, but the Owls looked great and have a coach who knows how to use Pierce to set up the pass.
4 Ohio - Solid win over a team they should have beaten. The fact it's on the road and at a pretty good elevation has them hold their spot
5 Miami -2 They have a huge number of very real chances to beat a ranked team but made too many mistakes in the first half. Still they walk away with a D that held Missouri to just 17 points.
6 WMU - A missed FG nad a red zone pick in the first half ended what was an impressive showing
7 BSU 3 IU is a low quality AQ team but they are an AQ Team
8 BGSU 1 Nice win but Idaho's starting lineup belongs in a MASH unit right now
9 CMU -2 Yes they played a very good FCS team but they still should have played better on offense.
10 Kent -2 Not so much because they lost but because BSU and Bowling Green looked good. Kent played Alabama about as tight as any MAC school would.
11 EMU - Looked a bit hairy for EMU but they got it together and took down a lesser foe.
12 Buffalo - Definitely signs of life but still too much sloppy play. Dropped passes and a bad pick kept UB from really pushing the Panthers late.
13 Akron - Given some of the folks out at OSU I thought they would at least score a field goal