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5 Thoughts Heading into Homecoming

1) No one man is going to save this program, even if he has a power name like "Chazz Anderson", "Max Power" or "Buzz Lightyear".

Having had three weeks to watch Anderson I've come to two conclusions. First is that he is indeed an upgrade from what we had last season. That being said I am not sure if it was the huge upgrade we all thought it would be. Statistically it's night and day but its not enough considering the improvement around him. Yes even if you through the statistics out of the window and just look at his composure on the scoring drive to put us ahead against Ball State you see a leadership role being filled.

But I keep coming back to the line. The line is bigger, deeper, and healthier than last season. Had Anderson not come we would be a bit less effective on offense but it would not be the dumpster fire we had last season. One need only look at the running game to see that.

Against UConn he is going to face a defensive rush which is probably on par with what Pitt showed us. And just like the Pitt Game, and the Game against Ball State it's his leadership we need more than a super human passing day.

So the Anderson move made us better but it's just one piece of the puzzle.

2) Brandon Oliver is not James Starks but he can have the same effect late in the game.

I've become convinced that Brandon Oliver is about the best conditioned athletes on the field. His performance early on in games is pretty spotty. He was, for the most part, totally ineffective against Ball State in the first half (then again so was the entire offense).

Oliver seems most effective as the game wears on and that reveals a truth about his athletic talent versus his dedication and ability.

Talent wise he is no James Starks, I would hazard to guess even on today's roster there are guys with more talent (albeit only a little) than Oliver. Word on Oliver is that he just out works everyone else on the team and having seen him in an offense that tries to run I can see what the coaches are talking about.

That being said it's become painfully apparent that while the running game is key to the offense it works best when we have established the short to mid range passing game so that the defense spreads out a bit.

3) Is it me or did that last Ball State drive had a very 2009 vibe to it?

Remember 2009? So long ago yet it seems like yesterday. Fresh off a MAC championship UB fans had hope of back to back winning seasons. Then the Bull proceeded to choke away numerous game when they held a second half lead and finished 5-7.

That's what the game winning drive by Ball State looked like. Destiny, or poor defense, snatched defeat away from the jaws of victory. It's early enough in the season to turn this thing around but once again I fear that UB is fated to be one of those teams that will lost five or six games that they are at one point winning.

4) UConn fans are very, very, overconfident or are they?

Recent history kind of gives them a reason. In 2008 and in 2010 the Huskies did everything they could do to give UB a win yet the Bulls were easily beaten. UConns losses this season are to a surprisingly good Iowa and Vanderbilt, an undefeated Vanderbilt!

UB is bigger in the trenches this season than they were last year but will that be enough?  The lack of a running game against UConn or UConn pushing around the defensive linemen will spell death. As much as UConn is struggling at QB this season we don't have the DB's to match up with their wide outs and I'm not convinced Anderson can beat a team if Oliver is bottled up.

5) This has the potential to be the biggest upset in the modern era

UConn is at risk of both overlooking the Bulls and of getting distracted by everything going on in the Big East. They are not as good as the school that beat up on UB last year and the Bulls have moved in the opposite direction, improving greatly.

That being said UB Can not go to sleep for a quarter and hope to be in the game at the end.