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Talking Bull: Expansion and Philadelphia dreams..

If I had to guess who the biggest non AQ loser in the whole expansion debacle I would have to go with TCU who now is entering a conference that is no longer just arguably worse than the Mountain West. Seems some folks think that Temple is going to get begged to join the Big East but Temple is my loser number two of the past week..

Temple reportedly is added to the mix for Big East football -
Right after Tuesday's meeting, Big East commissioner John Marinatto said members had pledged to stay together and "aggressively" recruit members to replace Pittsburgh and Syracuse, the Associated Press reported. "We've taken bold initiatives tonight," Marinatto said, without talking about specific candidates.'

If, and this is a big if, The Big East decides to go to 12 or 14 Temple might be on the Radar but even then it depends on Villinova's actions.

Up until Pitt left for the ACC Temple was probably on their radar as well. But now both the Big East and the ACC have members who really don't want Temple. In the Big East Nova will do whatever it can, perhaps even getting their act together with their own football program. In the ACC you have Pitt who does not want another instate member and will likely say so behind closed doors.

At least we know Buffalo has no AQ dreams at this point, Warde Manuel all but carved it in his forehead when talking to the Buffalo News.

UB athletics are at home in the MAC - Colleges - The Buffalo News
Jumping to a conference such as the Big East would require a substantial increase in athletic funding. UB athletics operate with a $21 million budget that's decreased by $2 million to $3 million the last couple of years through drops in state aid. By comparison, Syracuse spent $42.7 million on athletics in 2006-07 according to the report it filed with the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act.

UConn Game Links: - Buffalo entertainment, food, events, sports and style
The Buffalo Bulls’ 2011 schedule has an eerie look to it. Remember the team the Bulls beat to advance to the International Bowl in the ‘08-09 season, the pinnacle of Buffalo’s time in Division I-A? Yep, Ball State, the team that narrowly knocked off Buffalo in Muncie last weekend. Then, Buffalo’s International Bowl opponent? Yep, the University of Connecticut—the team buoyed by steamrollin’ Donald Brown to a 38-20 victory. It’s no surprise, then, that Buffalo hosts UConn this Saturday (6 p.m., UB Stadium

Bulls Welcome in Connecticut for Homecoming Weekend - Buffalo Athletics
Fueled by a tough loss in its Mid-American Conference opener against Ball State last Saturday, the University at Buffalo football team (1-2) will host Big East opponent Connecticut (1-2) Saturday evening at 6 pm for the annual homecoming game.

Heisman Hunt:

The 2011 Heisman Race: What The Numbers Say -
This early in the season, who has earned Heisman consideration? Who will win? It's time to take a look.