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MAC Blogger Roundtabe: Falcon Blog


Time for the MAC Blogger round table. This week one of the seasons vets, Falcon Blog, steps up

Here are My Answers, watch the other MAC blags for theirs. BJ from Falcon Blog should have his summary up later this week.

Eagle Totem: Eastern Michigan

Falcon Blog: Bowling Green

Let's Go Rockets: Toledo

Temple Football Forever: Temple

The Chip Report: Central Michigan

1. Here's something I wonder a lot.  Everyone knows about home court advantage in basketball.   Over the past 5 years, in MAC conference games, 66% of the men's hoops games have been won by the home team.  In football, the number is normally in the mid 50s, or pretty even.  People still talk about home field advantage?  What do you think?  How big is it?

I would be suprised if home court was not far more indicative of success across all conferences.. The travel and prep time between games is minimal for basketball teams, its hard on just three days turnover to play two teams with different styles that are hundreds of miles apart while stopping back home and taking classes.

Throw in the greater parity on the basketball side, especially in the MAC, and suddenly a road trip for a hoops squad is a whole lot more difficult than a football trip.

2. The MAC has started to run advertisements in games touting the conference's integrity, saying that the league is "showing the way."  What do you think of this approach?  Playing on a great thing in our conference, or asking for trouble?

Well the MAC can't run commercials "Winning BCS Bowl games" could they?

I think the approach is fine. It's not really sexy but it does sell the one thing the MAC has, integrity. It would be great if the schools could sell their game day experience but most of the MAC schools are struggling to put buts in the seats.

On the plus side the NCAA's new move towards making a low APR a disqualifying offense for hoops and football has the potential to benefit the MAC. Most of the MAC's schools will not have a huge problem getting over that bar, a bar which would have kept Syracuse out of the NCAA tournament this season.

3. The MAC has been working pretty hard to step up its digital game of late, with a mobile app and more video content.  What grade do you give the MAC for its online presence and why?

Compared to last year and the year before I give them an A. The improvement has been huge, particularly the availability and the quality of the online games. How this stacks up against other conferences? I don't really know. I suspect the big boys like the SEC and Big10 are way further along than we are.

What ESPN3 has made people realize is that there is a size able market for online games. A conference like the MAC which is not swimming in TV money can leverage themselves in the online sphere to get people watching the conference. ESPN will still take the Boise vs. Toledo games but a game like UB and Ball State which would not have had a whole lot of fans pay to watch, and which ESPN has no interest in, was a great offering.

Maybe you'll start to see FCS conference and some of the FBS conference move to establish a sports network online. Similar to the Big Ten Network in content type but something that can be deployed for a fraction of the cost and controlled completely from their conference headquarters.

4. So far, the MAC has only 1 win over BCS opposition and a handful of FBS wins, but a few close calls in big games.  How satisfied are you with the MAC"s out of conference performance?

Not at all. Week one was great, week 2 was the 'almost week', and week three was the "There's the MAC I remember" week.

Miami losing to Minnesota was the low point for the conference. Not that NIU getting curbstomped by Wisconsin or Toledo falling apart against Boise helped the MAC look any better. Temple had a close game against Penn State but once again the Owls seem to be run by a coach that does not realize that team is build to put up 30-40 carries a game, and not by the quarterback!

The conference is quickly running out of chances to impress, once we get deep into conference play the seasons perceptions will be set and they are no better this year than in the recent past.

5. Rank 'em.

1) Toledo
2) Temple
3) Ohio
4) NIU
5) Miami
6) WMU
7) Bowling Green
8) Ball State
9) CMU
10) Buffalo
11) Kent
12) EMU
13) Akron