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Blogpoll Ballot Draft: So is it too early to get on the FIU train?

At the Top:

As much as it pains me to put LSU up at the top because of a win against the ever over-hyped Mississippi State Oklahama sat idle and Boise State let Toledo stay in the game well into the third quarter.

At the Bottom:

As a rule I generally try to make sure my twenty two through twenty five picks are deserving, yet generally unrecognized mid major teams. A funny thin happened this week when I started looking for teams to in those last three spots. Florida International popped op on my radar.

There is normally a lot of skepticism around mid majors like FIU but when they beat UCF, are undefeated, and actually have a pretty decent shot at 12 wins this year. UCF is one of the favorites to win Conference USA and just came off a drubbing of Boston College. So They crack my top 25.

Houston and Ohio, both 3-0. Ohio has looked a bit more solid than Houston but both, undefeated.