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The Next Bull In: Inuka Rhaheed!

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Not too long ago there was a discussion about Coach Quinn's focus, or lack thereof, on Florida. There were two sides in this discussion. The first was "This is awful" and the other was "It's not so bad". Too bad nobody in the conversation had the common sense to say "let's wait until he finished the class first".

Today Buffalo got it's first verbal out of Florida when Inuka Rhaheed said he would be coming to Buffalo.

Rhaheed plays both offensive and defensive line but was scouted as an offense prospect by most services. Though he often talks about his attributes as a defensive Tackle, it could be that Coach Quinn was more open to letting him got for the defensive line than the offensive line.

At 6-3, 280 he has a lot of potential to get into the 300 pound range with a good college strength training program.

Once contact is made this guy is a good finisher, displaying the toughness we look for when evaluating offensive lineman. Flashes potential when trap blocking; will need to polish his technique getting out of his stance but like his explosion at the point of attack. Demonstrates the ability to reach block on offset defenders but if he is to consistently get a hat on active 1st and 2nd level defenders his initial quickness and pad level will need to improve. Shows the upper body playing strength to shock defenders with his initial punch however all areas of hand use will need refinement. Rhaheed does not appear to be a major level prospect. With some time and perhaps a red shirt year we see potential as a non BCS developmental prospect. -- ESPN Recruiting

Rhaheed said he was sitting on offers from Georgia Tech State (edit) and Buffalo with interest from Florida International and Florida Atlantic.

One reason he chose Buffalo was the quality of the schools academics

"I want a program that will prepare me for the next level. I want a good academic program, too. Academics are number one for me. I want to be a computer technician."


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