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Bull Run's MAC Power Rankings: Week 2, The Owl Ascends!

At the top:

Temple takes advantage of Northern Illinois and Toledo who each let what would have been great resume wins (definitely more so for Toledo) slip through their fingers. Temple has beaten Villinova, who is looking suspect after an 0-2 start, and Akron for whom 'suspect' might be considered an upgrade.

Miami and Ohio stay where they are mainly because it's a five way tie for first with only the most minuscule of separation.

In the Middle:

CMU's performance at Kentucky was a big boost, even if they could not close the deal (those FG's from in side the 20 will kill you). Bowling green is piling on as the Claw-fence is in full gear and WMU hold. The CMU/WMU Game is looking like it might really have huge implication in the west.

BSU gets bounced a bit after an awful showing but still look to be a mid range team this season.

At the Bottom:

Buffalo is showing an offense that is as radically different both in form and substance from last season. A lot of tight ends, using full backs, and keying off the run seem to have helped alleviate some of their 2010 issues. How many were resolved will be seen this week when they take on Ball State.

Kent lost a game they should have won, EMU squeaked by a team they should have solidly beaten, and Akron has yet to score a touchdown this season.

Rank Team Change Comment
1 Temple 2 Akron is shaping up to be a doormat so beating them is no big deal. But Temple humiliated them
2 Toledo - So many lost opportunities part duex. The Zebras were bad but so was Toledo's discipline
3 NIU -2 So many lost opportunities. KU should be a very beatable team for anyone sniffing the top 25
4 Miami - Miami holds their position because of the bye.
5 Ohio - Smacking Around Gardner Webb is something any half respectable program should do (sorry Zips)
6 WMU - Great play against Nichols but there is not a whole lot of room to move up right now
7 BGSU 1 Shades of last season. Bowling Green is opening strong but can they maintain it?
8 CMU 1 Amazing Effort versus Kentucky. CMU completed the MAC's "What if" trifecta for week two
9 BSU -2 No shame in losing on the road to a ranked opponent but the cards inability to hold on to the ball is worrisome
10 Buffalo 2 Oliver had back to back 100 yards weeks. The last Bull to do that was James Starks. Big test against BSU
11 Kent -2 Ouch going down, at home, to Laffalot in a game they should have won.
12 EMU -1 Had to punish the Eagle for a win but that was far too close and most of the conference is looking improved
13 Akron - Temple called off the dogs at half time and still outscored Akron 13-0 in the second. On the season Akron 3 - Foes 83