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Stan Wier commits to UB

via <a href="">imaxpreps</a>
via imaxpreps

UB could go winless this season and I still think Coach Witherspoon has earned a shot at the 2012 season.

Why you ask?

Well for one there is Will Reagan's, hopefully, triumphant return to Buffalo. Javon McCrea will be a Junior and Xavier Ford will have a year under his belt. Coach Spoon has been adding more and more talent. The most recent Addition, Stan Wier, is one of the most higly touted recruits that UB has landed.

Wier Contacted the Buffalo news to announce his commitment to UB.

"It feels absolutely unbelievable -- to grow up in Western New York, play here, win a Federation title and then be blessed with the opportunity to play for your hometown college on such a great team. After a few visits with the coaches and players everything felt perfect. -- Stan Wier

Wier was listed at 6-foot-3, 215 pounds by page. A well-built shooting guard who has outstanding range. ESPN specifically highlights how Wier comes off screens ready to shoot and "must be identified on the court by the defense at all times".

His shooting was a major part Nichols' run to the Federation title. Last Season he played among guys who are regarded as NCAA talents at the Indiana private school La Lumiere; this fall he makes will be playing once again for East Aurora.

He will be rejoining Regan with whom he had previously played.

"I’m excited to reunite with my former teammate, Virginia must have been a great learning/growing experience for him and I can only wait to see how much he has improved." -- Wier in an email to the Buffalo News