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Talking Bull, Soap Edition: As Terrelle Turns

But before you watch the soaps don't miss the price is right!
But before you watch the soaps don't miss the price is right!

I give up, I quit... No more following the Pryor fiasco. First he was out four games, than out as a whol, then in the supplemental draft, then out of the draft, then back in, and then out again. Now it seems finally the most honest assessment of the situation. Nobody knows.

Terrelle Pryor’s Supplemental Draft Eligibility Still Up In The Air -
As of earlier this week, it appeared that Terrelle Pryor was set to enter the NFL Supplemental Draft. He was banned from the Ohio State program, and that appeared to pave the way towards his entry into the Supplemental Draft. Then, John Clayton dropped this bombshell without explanation.

Meanwhile at Penn State a guy who was coaching before Pryor's Tattoo Artist was born is not slowing down. Thats right sports fans Joe-Pa will be the guy calling plays again!

Joe Paterno Has Found The Fountain Of Youth - From Our Editors -
Get out of the way, young whippersnappers: JoePa is back and ready for action. Can't wait 'til Penn State players get their playbooks this year and realize the forward pass has been completely eliminated after being just dialed-back over the last decade.

Those of you who have mulled having your Mid Major team compete for fans with a Pro team have undoubtedly came to the conclusion that you could sell your team as "what to do when $NFLTEAM is out of town". UCF Coach George O'Leary takes that a step further, a step into the twilight zone.

George O'Leary Sells UCF Out to "Gator-Knights", "Seminole-Knights", and Other Fictitious Fans - Big East Coast Bias
This is the kind of statement that UCF detractors (like myself) will happily hold on to for future reference. It was just recently that Public Policy Polling conducted a poll that declared UCF the third most popular college football team in the state of Florida. A poll that Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi has used as justification for the Big East kicking out USF in favor of UCF, and the SEC booting Vanderbilt for the same.

Ever think July is a slow, or cheap, time for College Basketball coaches?

The pitfalls of July - City/Suburban Hoops Report
Although my wife would disagree as she lounges outside by the pool as I sit at a computer writing this on a sunny, 95 degree day, during what is called a "dead period" -- July 16-21 -- July has many pitfalls.

More on Domonic Cook:

UB's Cook will join Roosevelt on Bills' roster - College Football News | FOX Sports on MSN
"Me and Naaman have played together since we were kids. Going to St. Joe's and UB knowing he was there was a great factor," Cook said. "It's meant to happen for both of us to play on the same team. I'm so excited to be on the sideline with him again."

Don't forget UB's preview week!

Get Ready For 2011 UB Football With Two Events This Week - Buffalo Athletics
Join Shannon Quinn, wife of UB Head Football Coach Jeff Quinn, as she and the Bulls coaches provide a crash course on football basics! Registration is $30 and includes a tailgate party, gift bag and two tickets to a 2011 UB Football home game. Proceeds from the event benefit the Breast Cancer Network of WNY.